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KTIC is an unique organization representing the toy industries of Korea, having been endeavoring to steadily develop the toy industries of country.
In the past, Korea was a world-leading exporting country of stuffed toys, leading the van of improvement of quality of stuffed toys all around the world. Even today, korean made stuffed toys enjoy unchanged competitive power so storong as ever before.
Nowadays, korean toy industries are undergoing slight chang, with expert decreased and import increased somewhat.
Nevertheless, as korean popular culture industries, such as movies, animations, recently make inroads into Asian countries, and further into the United States and Europe. In connection with those culture industries, korean toy industries are highly expected to leap up.
KTIC will be happy to be helpful and serviceable to answer your questions concerning korean toy industries and the toy makers in Korea, no matter whenever and whatever you may need.
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The Korea Toy Industry Cooperative (KTIC) was incorporated in 9th March, 1967 based on the Small and Medium Enterprise Law, as the national and nonprofit organization of toy manufactures and traders in the Republic of Korea. Its membership includes all the major companies and exporters of the toy industry in Korea. Through various committees and departments, KTIC executes policies and measures directed by its Board of Directors and also endorsed by the national economy, and thus, leads the national policies into effective support of the industry.

to provide meetings and discussions for its members with government as other industrial representatives to promote effective export of the toy industry:
to provide effective liaison between the industry and other entities including government,
legislature, regulatory agencies and allied industrial organization:
to represent the Korea toy industry at the domestic as international trade negotiations,
to implement market research and disseminate its results to members and government agencies:
to perform various exhibitions and shows for the development of Korea toy products
to organize and dispatch teams of its members to various foreign exhibitions and shows for the promotion of trade:
to compile and tabulate various data on production, sales, exports imports, employment and facilities or its member companies.(Presently, KTIC is the only organization for toy officially designated by the government)
to assist the government in future planning and policies governing the industry:
to inspect the parts or all kinds of toys and grant the KPS mark to safety toys.

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